Real Estate Agent Websites - How it works for Your Property Integration

How It Works

Your Estate Agent website will do the work for you

It is a simple 1-2-3 process on how you properties are managed and displayed on your new website

Upload your properties to

Don’t change anything yet, continue to upload your properties to as you do now

Irish Estate Agents and

Properties uploaded to your website

Nothing for you to do here. Your properties will appear automatically on your new website.

Estate Agent Website with SEO

Your New Website

Nothing for you to do here either. We’ll look after the hosting, security and running of your website.

Get your Estate Agent Website NOW!

It is easy to get started – just send us an enquiry and we will get back to you with details

How It Works – In Detail

Step 1: Upload Your Properties to

Step 1: Upload your Properties to

Nothing is going to change here.  Continue to upload your properties to and make any changes to them directly on your control panel.

Any changes you make will automatically reflect on your new website – see Step 2.

Step 2: Properties automatically uploaded to

Step 2: Properties automatically uploaded to your new website

Any updates made to properties or new properties added to will automatically update on your new website.

The big advantage for you is that you only have to maintain your properties in one place ( and it will automatically synchronise with your website.  You will no longer have to spend twice the amount of time updating and your website.

You will see it all come together in Step 3.


Step 3: Your new website

Step 3: Your new website

With your new website from Irish Estate Agents you will have your latest property details. Your customers will be able to search your listings whether houses for sale, commercial properties, lettings and any other property category that offers you.

You don’t have to worry about any – we will look after your website hosting, security, scans and design.  You will also have our support available for any of your queries.

You will also have access to your website and be able to make any text or image changes to the pages via a secure username and password.

Irish Estate Agents in Action

See it in Action

Visit Dunne Auctioneers to see the Irish Estate Agents website product in action.

The Benefits

Save Time

Only update your properties on and your updates will automatically update to your website.  Customers say that can save them on average two hours a week.

Work Anywhere

Your website admin area is available to use on your laptop, tablet or smart phone meaning you can update pages and images on the move.


Spend more time on your business and less time trying to keep your website up to date and working online

Manage Properties in one place

Keep your properties up to date on and don't worry about updating them on your website - it will all happen automatically.

Online Marketing

Your website will be optimized for Google and they will be notified whenever any new updates are made to your page content.

Professional Online Presence

Your website will be designed to a high standard reflecting your company brand and colours.

Get your Estate Agent Website NOW!

It is easy to get started – just send us an enquiry and we will get back to you with details